Creativity for Peace (CFP). This non-profit organization trains young Palestinian and Israeli women to learn various teaching modalities to promote equality and peace. Each summer a new group of 15 to 17 year old girls commit to a one year peace training program. They travel to Santa Fe to attend a three week immersion and share their personal stories, create art and learn skills for promoting peace. They arrive believing the other side is their enemy. As they listen to each one's story they soon realize there is no other side. Each story has a consistent theme. All have had their lives shattered by air raids, bombs, and death. At the end of their three weeks in New Mexico they return home and continue their peace studies. "I AM a Peacemaker" began as a project to increase awareness about the work for social change they do. The phrase is used frequently by the young women in presentations made to the public, yet no where in their communication materials did it exist. I introduced the idea of promoting the phrase as another vehicle for promoting the organization. The project began with photographing these courageous girls and grew into various print and web designed pieces. Some portraits and a banner are included here. Scroll down the page or click on the first image, then the arrow to the right, to view all images enlarged.
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