Malka's a seer. A change agent for design. A branding consultant. A problem solver. 
Malka connects the dots. She sees something over here that belongs with something over there. It's her gift! 

Malka communicates the soul of your brand at every touchpoint. 
She designs across all platforms: print, web and social media; one piece at a time or the whole communication system. Malka communicates your story in a powerful and heartfelt way. 

Malka crafts nuanced branding solutions for your visibility. 
She designs your brand so it's as good as your products and services. When your brand speaks to the value of your products and services it increases your bottom line. The value of good branding is solid, clear, congruent communication at every touchpoint. It clarifies your brand's mission and values. And a brand that speaks for itself, expresses the mastery of your offerings. Then the essence of your brand, its soul DNA, communicates clearly. 

Malka offers flexible options to meet your needs.
She understands that one size does not fit all and works to create a soulful vision capable of meeting your timeframe, budget and overall needs. Various skills include . . . Design consulting. Creative direction. Coaching. New and improved communication materials. Promotion and marketing. Social media. Website communication. And more.

Malka works with a wide range of clients and projects.
This includes non-profits engaged in social change, mind-body-spirit-healing, yoga, coaching, Fortune 500 companies, international banks, medical companies and hospitals, educational institutions, arts organizations and galleries, IT (Information Technology / Science and Engineering), peace organizations, and more. 
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