Malka's a graphic designer who crafts nuanced solutions for your visibility. 
She designs your brand so it's as good as your products and services. When your brand speaks to the value of your products and services it increases your bottom line. The value of good branding is solid, clear, congruent communication at every touch point: website, logo, social media, packaging, training materials, newsletter, publications, etc. It clarifies your brand's mission and values. A brand that speaks for itself, expresses the mastery of your offerings. Then the essence of your brand, its soul DNA, communicates clearly. You know your brand is as rich as your products and services when both are congruent.

Malka's a seer. A change agent. A problem solver for your business. 
Malka connects the dots by seeing something over here belongs to something over there. Her communication skills are unique. When you need to communicate your brand, Malka works as a change agent to accomplish this with you! 

Malka communicates the soul of your brand at every touchpoint. 
She designs across all platforms: print, web and social media; one piece at a time or the whole communication system. Tapping into her deep listening skills, intuition, and discernment, Malka communicates your story in a powerful, simple, and heart-felt way. 

What are you looking for?
It's likely you've landed here looking for a way to create impact, visibility and growth for your business; something Malka's been doing for 30+ years! Essentially, Malka builds design visibility systems; creating your brand from the ground up, moving from invisibility to visibility and growth. Malka begins with the understanding that your brand is an extension of your values and business practices. From here, it's a step-by-step process to find your business touch points, then placing them in the right place at the right time to guide your (potential) clients towards you. Each skill set Malka offers informs a whole / holistic approach to problem solving, utilizing branding, creative art direction, print and web design, social media, design consulting and coaching. 

What would you like? 
Expert advice. New and improved branding materials. A step-by-step process to implement an idea. Help with promotion and marketing. A social media campaign. A website. Design / Branding. Photography. Creative direction. Design consulting / coaching.
A leader to facilitate your team into action. Each client has unique needs. Malka understands that one size does not fit all. Your project receives impeccable care, suited to the nature of your business. Together, let's explore what best supports your visibility and growth. Let's build a soulful vision capable of meeting your timeframe, budget and overall needs.

Clients and organizational principles.
More recently, Malka's focus has been with non-profits, the arts, mind-body-spirit-healing arts industry, yoga, and the coaching industry. Malka's design experience spans working with Fortune 500 companies, international banks, medical companies and hospitals, educational institutions, arts organizations and galleries, non-profits, IT (Information Technology / Science and Engineering), healing arts and mind-body therapies, peace organizations, yoga teachers and schools, and more. In working together, we'll assess your business model, note your present and potential clients, determine needs, timeframe and implementation, create design visibility systems congruent with your mission, values and business principles and determine your specific touch points.​​​​​​​
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