Unemployed Action (UA). The pandemic of 2020-21 has asked BIG questions for us to contemplate:
- How can the work you do ripple out into the world? 
- What transformative action can you take to be an agent for change? 
- How do you pivot to face what's now? 
- What gift(s) do you possess? And how do you honor them in this transition?
Unemployed Action is a timely and important social issue. Their parent organization, CPD, Center for Popular Democracy, is a progressive think tank action-oriented nonprofit that deals with issues such as prison reform, etc., and now UA (Unemployed Action). The pandemic made it crystal clear how ill-equipped state and federal systems were to deal with mass unemployment in 2020. Some of the issues Americans faced: failed UI (Unemployment Insurance) claims to people who qualified for benefits yet were denied; back-ups in application procedures and processing claims; inability to reach UI representatives by phone or email; inconsistent state-by-state eligibility guidelines and weekly benefit payments, and more. Thus, Unemployed Action was formed at the beginning of the pandemic to organize people to take action, support each other, and advocate for unemployment reform. In other words, to #FixUI. Unemployed Action includes a stellar group of social justice workers + volunteers who have been advocating for economic relief by influencing policy makers at the state and federal level. They work with lobbyists in DC like NELP, National Employment Law Project, other DC economic policy organizations, Congress, and Department of Labor staff in the Biden Administration. 

To meet the demands of creating a successful voice for workers, their new brand included design accessibility to people with CVD, color visual deficiency. Unemployed Action embodies a message of ENERGY, ACTION and EMPOWERMENT.

Various examples of the new brand are shown from top to bottom. 
Yellow Buttons - UA and #FixUI: both are used for social media as small punctuation buttonsUA is for profile photos. 
Logo + Tagline: along with a variety of background color screens are the primary and secondary branding elements. 
Unemployed Action Update: three rectangle examples of posts for Twitter and FB Events.
Unemployed Action Update: one example of application to IG/FB posts.
Celebrating Pride and Juneteenth: IG/FB posts, each included written content in the posts.
Unemployed Action Values: banner used at the top of FB and Twitter pages.
#FixUI: IG/FB post post announcing guest speakers.
Twitter and IG/FB Personal Stories: stories from people who lost their job during the pandemic and how it has impacted their life. These two are prototypes using a generic name and stock photo; however the quote is from a real person. These are posted on social media with their real name and photo along with additional content in the post about each person.
Call to Action: IG/FB post.
Today's Inspiration: quotes from well know social justice advocates.
Meal Planning: on zoom and FB Live during the pandemic. Scroll down the page or click on the first image, then the arrow to the right, to view all images enlarged.​​​​​​​
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