Your Brand. What are the three common mistakes people make to communicate their brand? 
1. If your skills and gifts are not in brand development, you're likely making the first mistake by doing it yourself.
2. If your message is off-point, or inconsistent and incongruent, that's the second common mistake. Why? Because the process of selecting color, type, language, and photography or illustration is not aligned with the message. In other words, the elements of your message do not fit together. 
3. Maybe you already have a brand; maybe someone designed it a long time ago. Only today your business is operating at the 3.0 version yet your marketing is still using the 1.0 version. Or maybe you've outgrown your brand. Here's the bonus: when your brand is in alignment with the products and services you offer, it's an accurate reflection of how awesome you already are!

Some questions to ponder:
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